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Shaheli Elevators”, took it’s birth in Mar’ 2010. It started the journey as Proprietorship Company with the elevator spares and installation of elevators. With the passage of time, we had to look towards the market, which are the items needed widely for the Elevator Sector. Basing on to the market survey, “Shaheli Elevators” started the business with “YaskawaElectric Corporation” and with “Arkel Electric Ltd”. “Yaskawa Electric Corporation”, JAPAN is a first line Inverter manufacturer in the world and “Arkel Electric Ltd”, TURKEY is a very renowned manufacturer of the Elevator Control System in the world. Soon after our successful business, “Shaheli Elevators”, got the approval of “Authorised Distributor of Yaskawa” and also the “Authorised Distributor of Arkel” in Bangladesh. Up to the mid of 2015, we had the business with L1 000A Series only. We imported a huge amount of Yaskawa Inverters within a very short span of time. From the year of 2015, we started looking towards the Industrial Sector of Bangladesh. Everybody knows that, Bangladesh is an uprising country and during this process an lot of technological developments will take place. It may be expressed as Industrial Revolution in Bangladesh. Thinking the future requirement, we established another company named as “Shahli Machatronics Limited”, which is working in the Industrial Sector. So far we did not have any “Service Centre”, of Yaskawa Products in Bangladesh. With our extensive hard works with full dedication and also understanding the future requirements in order to have strong grip over Bangladesh market, finally the honorable authority of Yaskawa, approved the “Shaheli Mechatronics Limited”, as the “Authorised Service Center”, in Bangladesh. Now we are having a good numbers of qualified Engineers (Trained from home & abroad).With our limited resources we are trying to expand gradually for the brightest possible future of Yaskawa Products in Bangladesh. We are having many other Industrial and Elevator Products within our Business arena.

  • The Yaskawa Products (Both 400 VAC & 200 VAC) that we are handling with now, are as below:

    Name Name Name
    L1000A A1000 V1000
    J1000 E1000 GA700
    G7 PLC HMI
    Servo Motors Servo Drives Fire Pumps

    It is to notice that, we are also working with industrial Automation System. We feel proud to let you know about.

  • Our valuable advisors:

    • Mr. Jahangir Kabir – MSc Engr – Federal Govt Patent Engineer. Washington DC, The USA.

    • Dr. Mortuja Ahmed – Trento University, Italy.

    • Dr. Christian – Hunnburg, Germany.

    • Dr. Ms Menna Tamper Clair – Helsinki, Finland.

    • Dr. JK Morteln – Viena, Austria.

    • Dr. Gabriella – Mechatrolink Engineer – Milano, Italy.
  • We are Committed to the Followings:

    • 1.Managing Power
    • 2.Saving Energy
    • 3.Ensuring Industrial Safety
    • 4.Elevating the Nation
    • 5.Saving Lives