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Braking Unit-

(CDBR- D) (CDBR-series)

Yaskawa Universal Brake Chopper for use with any 400V 3 ph Inverter having access to DC+ and DC- terminals. Simple to set-up and provides braking for any Make of existing drive tripping on Over-Voltage or a process suffering from an Extended Stop Ramp. Rating for use with 400V Inverter:- Part time: 39.6kW x 10 seconds to 10% duty at 660V DC trip level (recommended setting for a 400V supply). Continuous: 11.9kW at 660V DC Trip Level. Minimum External Resistor: 11 Ohms when 660V trip level is set, or 12.7 Ohms for 760V Trip level. See the resistor options below or use the Which Resistor button on screen at the bottom right.

  • Part Time Rating: 60A x 10 seconds to 10% duty.
  • Continuous Rating: 18A.
  • AC Supply Voltage : 380V to 460V.
  • Trip level: 630V DC to 760V DC, User adjustable in 10 steps via pre-set down from the Default setting of 760V (highest). See the Power Supply Voltage x Selection Connector Setting shown in the manuals attached.
  • Minimum External Resistor: 12.8 Ohms. See the resistors linked below, or use the 'Which Resistor' button at the bottom left of this page.
  • Heat loss: 36W.
  • Enclosure Rating: IP20.
  • Dimensions: 120mm Wide x 157mm Deep x 150mm high.
  • Weight: 2kg.