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Human-machine interface (HMI) is a component of certain devices that are capable of handling human-machine interactions. The interface consists of hardware and software that allow user inputs to be translated as signals for machines that, in turn, provide the required result to the user. HMI technology has been used in different industries like electronics, entertainment, military, medical, etc. HMI help in integrating humans into complex technological systems. Human-machine interface is also known as man-machine interface (MMI), computer-human interface or human-computer interface. In HMI, the interactions are basically of two types, i.e., human to machine and machine to human. Since HMI technology is ubiquitous, the interfaces involved can include motion sensors, keyboards and similar peripheral devices, speech-recognition interfaces and any other interaction in which information is exchanged using sight, sound, heat and other cognitive and physical modes are considered to be part of HMIs. Although considered as a standalone technological area, HMI technology can be used as an adapter for other technologies.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Designed as a stand-alone PLC the MICRO CPU stands out because of its modern design, compact size, high performance and high channel density. A new display and operating concept enables the user to see the essential control information of the system at a glance. The result is an up-to-date and functional design that is unique in the world of automation. With a width of fewer than 72 millimeters, the MICRO PLC is up to 50% smaller than typical MICRO controllers, offering new solutions and possibilities in regards to performance and space requirements.