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Round Magnet

Revolutionize Elevator Control with our Round Magnet Solutions

Our round magnets for elevators are designed to enhance the control and performance of elevator systems. These magnets are specifically crafted to fit seamlessly into elevator mechanisms, offering reliable and efficient operation.
With their circular shape, these magnets provide a compact and space-saving solution for elevator applications. They are carefully engineered to generate strong magnetic fields, allowing for precise control and smooth movements of the elevator car.
The round magnets are strategically placed within the elevator mechanism to assist in braking, leveling, and positioning. When the elevator reaches a desired floor, the magnet's magnetic force interacts with the corresponding metal components, ensuring a controlled deceleration and a gentle stop. This contributes to passenger comfort and safety, eliminating sudden jolts or jerks.
Experience enhanced control, improved safety, and optimal performance with our round magnets for elevators. Elevator systems equipped with our magnets deliver smooth rides and precise leveling, enhancing the overall elevator experience for passengers and building occupants.