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Braking Resistor-

(ERF-150WJ series)

Dynamic Braking Resistor, 200 Ohms x 200 Watts (0.2kW). Overload: 10 x Power for 5 seconds every 25 seconds, when mounted onto a suitable heatsink Tolerance: +-5% Dielectric Strength: 1.5kV Insulation Resistance: 20 MegOhm minimum. Dimensions; 160mm Long x 58mm High x 28mm Wide Fixings: 2 x 4.3mm Diameter holes at 150mm centres Connections: via 0.5m flying leads. RoHS Compliant to 2011/65/EU RoHS Place of Manufacture: South Korea Commodity Code: 85333900 Manufacturers Part Number: IRV 200 200R J